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VMukti, an online video streaming solutions provider. VMukti Specialises in easiest, fastest and most secure video streaming solutions for web meetings, webinars and seminars involving 50-50000 participants.VMukti works in an intellectual endeavor with the organisations for sales demos, internal meetings, marketing events and customer support.

VMukti 1VC.TV

VMukti 1VC.TV is the leading live interactive broadcast platform that uses a one-to-many interactive video communication model, which means that the user can broadcast to 50-50000 participants in a single session at the same time. With built-in audio,video and chat screen sharing, the attendees can broadcast their live experience. VMukti 1VC.TV has focused on making a video communication system that actually solves the bandwidth and infrastructure solution in countries like India.So,VMukti 1VC.TV is working towards this from past 4 years to build advanced motion estimation algorithm. Through our patented algorithms, we can save at least 2.5 times bandwidth, which enables full screen video communication at as low as 100 kbps of bandwidth.

Even with 100 kbps, the audience can broadcast full screen video on projector or LCD TV.By leveraging VMukti 1VC.TV’s cloud-based service,anyone can easily host webinars with unlimited size of attendees using just their web browser. There’s no proprietary hardware requirement at the customers end. VMukti 1VC.TV has been used to broadcast everything from Wedding Ceremony to Corporate events and people are finding new and innovative uses for it every day.

At VMukti 1VC.TV, we believe that people learn the most when they hear directly from those who know the subject best. And this experience is enhanced through a dialog between Host and the participants. Our online event tools offer a dynamic environment for everyone who uses it.We witness the interactions and the advancement of knowledge in our online communities that excites us the most.

Today, people are streaming everything including:
  • Major political events such as debates, speeches, rallies
  • Talk shows
  • Movie premieres and 'red carpet events'
  • Concerts
  • School and business events and training
  • Conferences
  • Sporting events
  • Personal milestones such as holiday gatherings, weddings, graduations, parties, even births
  • Interactive games for viewers to watch or join

Go Green

Government agencies are leading green initiatives as our world’s carbon footprints are growing bigger. Car and air travel is a major contributor, but now you can finally do something about it. Go Green with VMukti because every VMukti web meeting saves money, time, energy and CO emissions. VMukti enables agencies to collaborate anytime, anyplace through virtual meetings which include voice and video to support government’s mandate to increase and improve remote worker programs.