Mr. Niru Mehta
  Chairman and Investor
Mr. Niru Mehta has over 30 years of experience in Telecommunications and IT industries, both in USA and India.  Niru was CEO and Vice Chairman of Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd, previously Tata Telecom Ltd, in India for over 9 years from 1999 to 2008.Simultaneously, he was also Chairman and Managing Director of Avaya India Pvt Ltd, Chairman of GlobalConnect Australia Pvt Ltd, and Vice President of Avaya Inc.Earlier,Mr. Niru  Mehta led R&D organizations within Bell Laboratories in USA for over 17 years.  At present, in addition to his role as the Chairman of VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd., he is also the Managing Partner of IndiaTIG.

  Mr. Hardik Sanghvi
  Founder, CEO/CTO
Enterprise is a gift. And not everybody is gifted with it. Hardik Sanghvi a passionate techie & a deep thinker, is on the verge of what he believes of bridging the digital & social divide through low cost video communications for the masses, while leading to dizzying success in his very own style of philanthropy.

Hardik Sanghvi is founder & CEO of VMukti, next generation video communications provider. A geek icon, tech visionary and business trailblazer, Sanghvi's leadership made VMukti a video communication powerhouse and a trendsetter in the Internet dawn. Whether you're a suit, chef, artist, media maven, nurse or gamer, you would either use any of its applications in your daily chores.

Hardik Sanghvi have proved all doomsday prophecies that having education from elite institutes & having a rich flourishing background wrong and on the contrary have flourished under globalization. He constantly looks for innovations in video communications which make world a better place to live in. Under his leadership VMukti had come out with disruptive streaming, conferencing and IP-PBX Technologies. He has been Chief Architect and Mentor to many of the VMukti’s path breaking features like interactive broadcasting and mobile video conferencing besides serving organization through the excellence of his Business Development Skills. Mr. Hardik Sanghvi, with 9+ years of global IT experience, is a backbone of VMukti located in two locations around the world with head quarter in India.

Mr. Hardik Sanghvi is been regularly invited to reputed universities for delivering technology and business lectures. He has been constantly interviewed by the leading Newspapers and TV Media , like TechCrunch, ITWire, CNBC, Enterprise Week, Economic Times, TOI, Indian Express, EWeek, DNA etc...

Born on August 4, 1978 he holds a B.E (E.C.) from the DDIT, India .
In his experience, he has worked with fortune 500 companies like Xerox, USA as well as Asian giants like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Base version of his paths breaking technology has been dedicated to open source community. By releasing the product in open source he is ensuring technology availability to everybody without discrimination. Besides savings in cost & time of businesses around the world the products are believed to help bridge the great digital divide.

Under his leadership the company has won many awards from NASSCOM, ISBA and more. VMukti boasts developer team from 7 countries. His strategy here was to rather than hiring average people in house hire best people in their respective geographies.

With a mission and ambition, he is determined to climb any ladder of video communications industry. His ambition spans from ‘Making the VMukti a symbol of trust’ to ultimate goal of ‘Stakeholder satisfaction’. His visionary mind and experienced skill set would always ignite the spirit of experts working in VMukti to contribute the best to the society. He is the driving force of VMukti.

He holds nine-plus years of extensive experience covering business development, client management, visualizing technology trends, architecture and design, feasibility analysis, team handling, budget planning, operations, project management, system development implementation, strategy planning, system migration planning, and technical support setup.

Hardik is busy establishing the brand VMukti across the industry and open source community.

  Mr. Kushal Sanghvi
  Co-Founder, CMO
Mr. KUSHAL SANGHVI serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of VMukti and under his guidance VMukti had able to spread its wings in many Countries. Through his accurate foresight VMukti has been able to take the strong leaps at the right time. He has been a Center of excellence for Business management for his innovative yet Stringent Business Model. He has been an overseer of VMukti’s Global Finance.
Mr. KUSHAL SANGHVI is been regularly monitoring the market trends & thus envisioning & guiding VMukti through right path to Achieve its futuristic goals. In true sense he has been the greatest contributor to VMukti earnings.
Mr. KUSHAL SANGHVI was born on May 25, 1982. He holds a Masters in Finance (MBA) along with his studies in import-export.
With a Strong Determination to Achieve the Peak Performance & thus ensuring the organization capacity to achieve it keeps the engine of VMukti well oiled. Keeping in view all the Long term Goals of the Company & the Consensus of The Board he is striving to Accomplish with all his zeal.Kushal is busy stoking the fire for VMukti's growth trajectory – if you have not downloaded the software, do it now.